Welcome to [Ra]Kesha’s Korner: Where Faith, Wisdom, and Words Collide!

In my 25+ years on earth, I’ve grown in faith, I’ve sought out wisdom, and I’ve absolutely developed a love for words! Life is one huge classroom and I’m constantly taking notes. My hope is that you’ll see things differently and that you’ll be encouraged by my life notes. If you love Jesus, inspiration, and analogies, I think you’ll love this blog. If not, still give it a chance!

Sending love from my corner to yours,

RaKesha V. Gray – (Connect on Instagram @__MsGray) 



Love is always the best choice.”

RaKesha V. Gray is a faith-based writer and author, editor, speaker, and ministry leader who is passionate about encouraging others to live a life that shines. 

     RaKesha is a graduate of Christian Brothers University, where she studied Religion and Philosophy as well as English. 

Whether in the pulpit, at the grocery store, or at her workplace, she is known for encouraging others with her smile or a kind word of wisdom. RaKesha believes her purpose is to encourage and empower others by promoting a growth mindset and creating space for spiritual, personal, and professional development. Her goal is to challenge, inspire, and encourage others to think differently, live wisely, and grow closer to God.​

This blog is dedicated to my aunt, Mrs. Ordeathia Simpson, who encouraged me several years ago (July 2, 2012 to be exact) to start an inspirational blog and to my sister in Christ, Mrs. Lakeisha Momon, who encouraged me as well (on July 17, 2019) to become a blogger. Thank you both for the encouragement! It was just the push I needed to do what I knew I needed to do and here we are! This blog started in 2014 and has been restarted in 2020.

Kesha’s Korner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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